Jul 4

Found this useful video a few months ago. Some of the explanations are very basic. Check out the other videos from CoachingHockey1.


“Chapters” of this video are:

  1. “Injection” aka pushing out
  2. “Trap” aka stop
  3. Drag flick
  4. Strike

May 17

With 6 weeks behind us in this season, the first team has shown good improvement.

The season got off to a rocky start, losing to Fish Hoek (1-6) and conceding the next game to WPCC due to lack of players.

In the following 2 games, we managed to pull 2 draws against Milnerton (2-2) and Pinelands (1-1), VOB only having only 10 players against Pinelands, so we expect to beat them in the second round.

These last 2 weeks have produced our first 2 league wins since 2008, beating Conberg B (3-1) and Bellville (2-1).

In order to maintain our upward trend, we would need to beat (with bonus point) our mid-table rivals, Durbanville.
The match is this coming Saturday, 6PM on the Fairmont astroturf.

Promises to be an exciting game.

Apr 28

Good morning,

I appear to be a wee bit stiff this morning – wonder why? The team situation improves week by week – 13 players and an ump. (Alan G. kindly volunteering) though it’s possible that playing at home may have some bearing on this. Lenny pitched up to lend moral support though he’s not yet fully recovered from flu. Steve wasn’t last this week that honour went to one of the Province players. Rod and PJ elected to keep Lenny company for the first half. The weather was almost perfect – the pitch slightly less so but I suppose we can’t expect too much for the first game. Before we started PJ told us the name of that confounded volcano and, to be honest, it sounded a lot like some of my comments about bad marking, or, possibly, umpiring, though he could have mispronounced it horribly and none of us would have been any the wiser. Björk will probably have a song about it out soon (nothing else to sing about in Iceland – apart from ice and fish) and then we can judge.

Play finally started a little later than scheduled and it soon became apparent that once the ball started bouncing it was going to be difficult to control. It seemed to develop a long, low bounce – tricky. First twenty minutes or so were pretty well played between the sixteens – occasionally a ball went into the box but nothing worth worrying about. There was some tigerish tackling in the midfield – special mention should probably go to the Wood clan though kudos also to Cliffie and Louis. The first two shots of the game, I think, went to John Donald – a flick cleared off the line and a hit that forced a decent stop from the keeper. We had a few chances (even Simon got a couple of decent passes) which we didn’t take and in the last five minutes or so of the half Province were attacking our box, and indeed, we finished the half defending a shortie. Score at halftime 0-0.

At halftime we had probably had the best of the game and were reasonably satisfied. We decided not to change too much – PJ on for Simon and Rod on for Louis – and probably try to use the wings a bit more – nothing drastic. Readers without masochistic tendencies can probably stop reading now. Province had other ideas they pulled Chris Hanley back and stuck Warren(?) in at centre forward though, at various times, he was on either wing and just roamed around which didn’t make marking him easy. Province’s first goal came from a shortie – decent hit, deflection from Riel – just in at the corner. 1-0 Province. Second goal – shortie – reasonable shot (I thought it was going wide) Grant deflected it – 2-0. If Grant thinks it was going in anyway I’m not going to argue about it – still 2-0. Third goal – bit of a scramble ended up with Riel and I both sliding across the goal and it still went in – Riel donating more blood for the team – knee this time. Fourth goal – same annoying player got a little space on our right, dribbled past a couple of defenders and flicked it past me from close range. 4-0.

Okay gloom and doom finished. There were bright(er) moments in the second half – PJ waltzing through their defence, John sticking in a couple of good crosses though we still don’t seem to have anyone on the far post. Highlight of the game probably goes to Steve – “He tripped over my stick.” It sounds innocuous but Steve was behind him and losing ground rapidly. Warren went down like a ton of bricks in the box. Their umpire said any league but masters – red card and presumably a flick. Next week we have Cape Town and at least one of their umpires is mad enough to give flicks – possibly only against Louis but I don’t want to test this theory. I think that in the second half we gave away too much ball, especially in our half, our marking slipped a bit – possibly running out of steam and we didn’t take the chances we had but it was, at least, played in the right spirit apart from a few questions asked of the umpires.

On a lighter note one of the opposition was saying that the last time he was in our showers we were visited by the Mutual keeper – obviously wants a repeat performance. And staying with our neighbours; I saw this ad on Gumtree:

Wanted: Masters Hockey Keeper needed
Date Listed: 18/04/2010
Address: Rondebosch, South Africa

Are you keen to play goalie for a social masters hockey side. We are based out of WPCC, Ronderbosch and are looking for a keeper with kit if possible.

We play in the master league.

I suspect if we needed one we’d get Steve to buy us one on E-bay.



Apr 12

Welcome to the new web site for VOB/G Hockey!

New features coming soon. Stay tuned.